The "HTP3Z-1X" bi-liquid rocket engine is the latest in engines at Sweden Rocket Research Group.
HTP3Z-1X runs on a fuel mix of ethanol - Hydrogen peroxide and it has a thrust of 3,8 ton
The first generation of the HTP3Z-1X engine is primarily a test article.

Engine info.
Thrust: 3,8 ton 
Fuel: Ethanol - Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (85-90%)
Fuel consumption: 4,15 kg/s
Oxidant consumption: 8,55 kg/s
Isp: 220
Pressure in COP: 5,4 MPa
Engine plate thickness: 3 mm
Engine length: 834 mm
Materials: Stainless steel

Measuring points
In any static ground testing and also in the flight, we collect data from various points on the engine. Here are some of them.

- Thrust (lb)
- Chamber pressure (psi)
- Igniter temperature
- Jet vanes temperature
- Jet vanes downward force
- Fuel consumption (LOX and Ethanol)
- Alcohol fuel temperature
- Alcohol fuel level in cooling passage (Prime)
- Ambient temperature

Fuel tanks 
Both fuel tanks are made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand an internal pressure of 25 bar. But with the benefits that come with the use of pumps, we don`t need  to stress the tanks whit a high pressure. The pumps works at a maximum pressure of only 6 bar (100 psi)